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PROJECT PIWI Johanniter Pet-Nat 2020

PROJECT PIWI Johanniter Pet-Nat 2020

VAT Included |

Chardonnay is my favorite grape variety - always drinkable and always fun! In this case, it's about Chardonnay sparkling wine, which can be a wonderful aperitif or goes perfectly with bouillabaisse. It also tastes great with a classic schnitzel - or just like that!


Read by hand in small boxes on September 13, 2019

brut nature - 1.2 g/l  residual sugar

5.7 g/l acid I 11  vol%


Ideal drinking temperature: 6° in a bulbous glass

Storage: as cool and dark as possible, max. 2 years


Please always order in multiples of 3 so that no space is wasted in the shipping boxes! ;-) eg 3 bottles, 6 bottles, 9 bottles, 12 bottles, 15 bottles, 18 bottles Etc ;)

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