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Golden Pet-Nat 2018

Golden Pet-Nat 2018

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incl. 20% tax


100% Neuburger from Traisental


Oldie but Goldie! Neuburger used to be a classic in Austria, but by now there are only a few vineyards of this great grape left. But actually Neuburger deserves a lot of attention, especially if you're planning on having dinner from your BBQ or Sushi! This Pet-Nat is a great partner for food and wine pairing!


Hand picked on August 28, 2018

extra brut - 5 g/l residual sugar - pas dosée

6 g/l acidity I 11,5 Vol.%


ideal drinking temperature: 6° in a white wine glas

Drinkable up to 4 years, store cool & dark


Please always order minimum 3 bottles or a multiple of 3 to fill all the spots in the shipping boxes! for example: 3 btls., 6 btls., 12 btls., 15 btls.,18 btls. and so on!

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