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Petillant natural ...

... or how it is called by many: Pet-Nat. Here we're talking about the most ancient methode of making sparklings. The difference to traditional sparklings is the fermentation: with Pet-Nat you only have one fermentation. The basewine gets bottled before the first fermentation is finished and then continues the fermentation in the bottle until there is no residual sugar left. Mostly the Pet-Nats contain a bit of natural residual sugar but usually that's between 2 to 6 grams, so just a little. With this methode, also called methode acestrale, a totally new range of odour and taste is developing, not comparable to traditional sparklings! Pet-Nats are perfect for easy drinking on hot summer days but they also give great company with all kinds of food. I like using really old Austrian grape varieties for Pet-Nats such as Neuburger or Blauer Portugieser, but I also use a lot of Grüner Veltliner and Pinot Noir for my natural sparklings! If you are looking for something new concerning sparklings - Pet-Nat is def. a must on you to-taste-list ;)

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