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Nobody asked me if I was interested.

I was born into a family of winemakers without anyone asking me if I was interested in wine and working in the cellar. At first I found it more exciting to sit at my grandfather's tractor or hide in the cellar than to help with the harvest or clean the tanks in the cellar. So I went into the restaurant business because traveling the world and serving extraordinary dishes and opening expensive wines for guests is much cooler than sitting at home.


Practice makes the master.

That's what I thought at the time. At some point I went back and longed for something else to do where I didn't always have to be friendly and could spend more time outside. It was then somehow obvious that making wine wasn't such a bad thing after all and so in 2014 I was able to make my first wine and, as a result, my first sparkling wine from grapes that my father gave me. That's exactly when I got the bubble bug.

Got in sideways.

A lot has happened since then. With my partner Robert, we broke camp in our parents' cellar and moved to the incredibly beautiful Kamptal in Langenlois. There we live and work together with our dog Dolly and our sheep on our dream winery and enjoy the time we are allowed to spend there with guests and friends. In terms of cellar technology, after 4 wonderful harvests, we moved from Lisa and Peter Luf's cellar to our own kingdom. In 2022, Robert was very lucky to find a true gem on the Heiligenstein, which is now the new home of our wines. The cellar also has a Heuriger, you should take a look at it ;-)

Winery dog.

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