Handmade. With attention to details. And bubblies in the glas!

With loads of passion and even more things to handle I manufacture traditional sparklings and pet-nats in my cellar, which show a unique character. Elegant, powerful, complex but simply different than the others. I accompany my grapes while riding from a sweet tiny berry to a finished product and give them the time they need.


mehr Sekt...


the traditional sparklings


mehr Pet-Nat...


a new way of



Sparkling Saturday Afternoon!

Come over an taste all of our sparklings for free! Take a quiet moment to relax and refill your bubblystock for upcoming christmas (you'll need enough bubbles for the family feasts!)

14th November 2020, 1-5 pm

12th December 2020, 1-5 pm

ATTENTION: Bubbletasting only! You'll get some bread but nothing more. And bring a jacket, due to covid-19 we'll do the tasting outside!

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